Vinyl Record Pressing

Welcome to our Vinyl Record Pressing Workshop! We have specialized in the manufacturing of 12" vinyl records for almost 10 years.Request a quote

Our Vinyl Record Pressing Service

We offer a variety of finishes to customize your vinyl according to your preferences. Our options include colored discs, limited editions, custom printed sleeves, custom labels, and much more.

Quality is paramount in our DNA. We use automatic machines to ensure that each record is pressed with high precision and consistent sound quality. We also perform rigorous quality control to ensure that your order is perfectly pressed before delivering it to you.

Whether you're an artist, label, or distributor, we can cater to your requests of any size with the same care and attention. Contact us now to discuss your vinyl pressing needs and let us provide you with a top-quality product that you'll be proud to share with your audience.


The master

Please prepare your audio master using the specifications below:

Format: resolution: 24 bits, and sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz and file in WAV format. Avoid "inflating" or "modifying" the sampling frequency at mastering; keep the same as that of your project.

Audio details:

Avoid providing us with a CD or streaming master as this will have a significant impact on the quality of your vinyl.

Time per side:

Here is the maximum time per side expected for nominal level engraving (0 dB) considering that the mastering has been done properly:

Standardized Music (Rock, Reggae, Classical, Pop, etc.)

12'' 45rpm: 12 min
12'' 33rpm: 19 min

Electronic Music (Rap, Electro, etc.)

12'' 45rpm: 10 min
12'' 33rpm: 16 min

Music with "loaded" spectrum (Techno, Metal, etc.)

12'' 45rpm: 8 min
12'' 33rpm: 14 min

Additional notes:

We, of course, recommend moderate compression of the masters, the ideal being to aim for a dynamic range of 13 dB for quality engraving and, of course, no overload.


1. Generalities

● Accepted file type: PDF 1.3.

● Bleed: 5 mm

● File resolution: 300 dpi.

● PDF in 1:1, exported without scaling or distilled.

● In CMYK and/or special colors, without color profiles or color management.

● Selective varnish or film or cold embossing at exact scale in 100%, 1c, in a separate page or another file.

● No visible cut lines, template lines, folding lines, and perforation lines.

2. Fonts

- Please embed the fonts or convert them to paths, as even provided fonts cannot always be used given the many different operating systems nowadays.

3. Line thicknesses and character sizes

● Line thickness should not be less than 0.15 mm in positive printing and 0.25 mm in negative printing.

● Line thickness for hot and cold stamping: at least 0.35 mm.

● Characters must have a minimum size of 5pt in positive printing and 7pt in negative printing.

4. Colors

● Overprinting of black characters and lines on a CMYK background, to be avoided for metallic and bright colors, as these background colors distort the black.

● In total print, the sum of all colors should not exceed 280% surface coverage.

● For a deep and cold black, put only 50% cyan (100N, 50C) for a depth of 100%.

● White writing on black in 1c, maximum 2c (+50%C).

● Please note that we have a dot gain of about 15% from the file to the print. For dark files in 1 color, set the contrast high enough (at least 15%, even - 20% for labels or returned boxes), so that the different elements can still be distinguished after printing.