Adopt good habits when receiving a package

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Receiving a package may seem like a simple task, but in reality, several aspects deserve special attention. To avoid any future inconvenience, here is a detailed guide on good practices to adopt when receiving a package.

1 - How to properly receive your package?

When you receive a package, several elements must be taken into account. As soon as you sign the delivery slip, you legally take possession of the package, thus transferring the risks of loss or damage to yourself. That's why it's important to never sign the delivery slip before carefully checking the contents of the package and the condition of the products.

2 - Steps to follow before signing the delivery note

  • Quickly examine the condition of the products. This is a first visual check to detect any signs of visible damage.
  • Verify the correspondence between the delivery note and the products actually delivered. This includes the nature and quantity of the goods.
  • Ensure that the goods delivered match the order made. This is a crucial step to avoid any errors or misunderstandings.

3 - What to do in case of a damaged or missing product?

If you notice that a product is damaged or missing, it is essential to report it immediately to the carrier. This action, called "reservation", initiates the process of replacement or refund of the damaged or missing product.

3.1 - How to make effective and acceptable reservations?

Reservations must be made scrupulously by following certain rules to be acceptable to carriers. Too general or vague reservations have no legal value. Here is how to make effective reservations:

  • If one or more products are missing, specify the product concerned by its reference and the manufacturer's brand, if you know it.
  • If a product is damaged, provide as many details as possible about the type of damage: is the product broken, dented, scratched, and where is the damage? Also report the condition of the cardboard.

3.2 - Mistakes to avoid when making a reservation

Some reservations are considered non-receivable by carriers. Here are a few examples of mistakes to avoid:

  • Not explaining why the product is refused ("parcel refused").
  • Not indicating whether products are missing or which ones ("opened parcel").
  • Not mentioning the reference of the missing product ("missing X items").
  • Not describing the type of damage or the damaged product ("in poor condition" or "dented sheet metal").

In summary, receiving a package requires particular attention to avoid any unpleasant surprise. Take the time to check your package and don't hesitate to make reservations if necessary.

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