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We are a company specialized in vinyl record pressing. Since 2014, we have built a solid reputation as a trusted provider for the music industry.

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We offer vinyl record manufacturing from 100 copies!

The Figures

Pressing since 2014 Kilograms of PVC used

174,000 kg

Vinyl records pressed

1,200,000 ex


At M Com Musique, we take pride in offering a range of personalized services to meet the specific needs of our customers. We have succeeded in establishing ourselves as a benchmark in vinyl pressing, thanks to our technical expertise and our commitment to quality.

Vinyl disc pressing is an art that we master passionately. Whether you want to press a vinyl for a limited edition or for a larger distribution, we are committed to producing a quality disc. In particular, we offer vinyl pressing from 100 copies, which is ideal for independent artists or limited editions.

At M Com Musique, each vinyl record is carefully manufactured in our factory in France. This allows us to ensure rigorous quality control and to support the local economy. We believe that music deserves the best, and that's what we strive to provide to our customers.

With M Com Musique, pressing a vinyl is no longer a challenge, but an opportunity. We accompany you throughout the process to help you realize your artistic vision. Our commitment to excellence makes us your ideal partner for the manufacture of your vinyl records.

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The manufacturing of your vinyl records in 9 steps

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About M Com' Musique : Our DNA

Dedicated to technology

M Com' Music is driven by a passion for machine design, the creation of quality control and listening processes, and the transformation of sound waves into grooves of a few microns. We master every aspect of the vinyl record manufacturing process by developing our own machines and using high-quality equipment, such as the Toolex automatic press. Our goal is to continually improve our products and services while staying at the forefront of technology.

Naturally committed

At M Com' Music, we are proud to have initiated innovative projects, such as the manufacture of the world's first seaweed vinyl. Although the industrialization of this process was abandoned due to its high cost, we continue to search for innovative ways to improve our products and services. We also commit to high environmental standards and work closely with artists and labels to ensure a final result that perfectly matches their expectations.

Artisans of vinyl pressing

Since 2014, M Com' Music has specialized in pressing vinyl records, in collaboration with carefully selected artisans for engraving and matrix creation. We have built our reputation as a trusted provider for the music industry by working with renowned labels, popular artists, and self-produced bands. Our team of vinyl record manufacturing experts is passionate about music and is committed to delivering optimal quality at every stage of the production process.

M Com' Musique is proud to have collaborated with many talented and recognized artists. Among our references, we have had the honor of working on projects such as:




Triple vinyls recordswith trifold sleeve, lenticular, sticker sheet, PPR sleeve.


Sofiane Pamart


Double vinyl records with gatefold sleeve, mirror finish and deep matte black.



The Next Generation

Double vinyle records with gatefold sleeve and black inner sleeve.



Coco Flash

Single vinyl records with 300gr sleeve, interior and exterior printing.


King Gizzard


Simple vinyl records whith sleeve in 300gr.


Clinton Fearon

History Say

Simple vinyl records whith gatefold printed.


Carpenter Brut

Blood Machines

Single vinyl records black marbled red vinyl.


Spencer P. Jones

All The Way With

Single vinyl records with 300gr gatefold and 60x90 poster.

Each of these collaborations testifies to our commitment to providing quality service and unmatched expertise in the field of vinyl pressing. Our goal is to meet the demands of our clients, whether they are labels or independent artists, by providing them with high-quality vinyls that enhance their music.