Welcome to M Com' Musique

We are a company specialized in vinyl record pressing. Since 2014, we have built a solid reputation as a trusted service provider in the music industry.


Vinyl disc cutting


Engraving is the first step. The audio is transmitted to what is called a "cutting lathe" which will transform the signal into vibration and engrave a disc covered with cellulose acetate. Please note that our engravings are exclusively done on lacquer, regardless of the quantity of vinyls requested.

Vinyl disc matrix


Once the lacquer is engraved, it is immersed in a nickel bath for an hour. By electrolysis, nickel particles attach to the lacquer, forming what is called a matrix. This matrix will be fixed on the mold and will allow us to press your vinyls.

Vinyl disc press


Once the matrix is in place, it's time to press the vinyls. A PVC "cake" is placed on the mold, then it will be heated, pressed, and cooled for a specific time. The vinyl is then placed on a trimmer to cut off any excess material on the edge of the disc. The vinyl is then immediately placed in an anti-static sleeve.


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